Rimini Comics 2013

Hi! (*´・v・)/ 
This post will be about the last fair I joined: Rimini Comics! It was the very first time for me!~ 
The travel was a real pain! (◎_◎;) The trains hadn't air conditioner and hadn't any seat, we were standing in the corridor... But this was the only negative point of the holiday!
The con was really nice and considering that it's summer, the stands opened at 5p.m.
So we had all the time to sleep until late morning and to avoid the rush-hours (*´・v・) ❤ (I have low blood pressure...)
The fair was in Fellini square, which has a really big fountain in the middle. That was the main meeting place! The cosplayers used to take picture in the water, and I used to be lazy sitting on the edge lol
Talking about the stands, they were placed in front of the stage, with an "Y" form. 
There were obviously manga and gadget stalls, but I also saw a lot of handmade and cloth ones!
In the end I bought the third volume of Attack on Titan and nothing else, even if I eyed a lot of beautiful action figures and gadget in general... ヽ(゚ Д゚ )ノ 
Obviously I met some friends of mine, I was really happy! ☆ I bumped into my beloved Ginger, Elisa, Alessandro, Manuela, Dizzy and other people
Briefly, I really enjoyed this little vacation, but the credit belongs to the amazing company!


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