Lucca Comics 2013 project

Have you noticed something different? (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) ❤ Finally the blog has a custom domain! To celebrate, I made a new graphic (it's just an excuse, I wanted to make a change lol) I hope you like it! I'm very satisfied with it, especially with the "earthquake" of the logo ahah but I still have to fix some things... What do you think about it? Let me know ❤
Anyway... I finally decided to show you two of my cosplay projects for Lucca Comics 2013! As some of you shoud know, I postponed my Gwendolyn cosplay (If you're curious, you can read this post), so I just changed my plans... The cosplays I've chosen are quite easy, but I'm still happy with them! The first one is from Hyouka. I definitely love Chitanda! She's curious just like me, and she's too cute... (; v ;)

I'll cosplay her with my boyfriend as Hotarou Oreki, I'm super happy! Ahah ❤ I think that this costume will be really comfortable and warm... 10/10 suitable for a convention which takes place in November! (─▽─) 
The next one is from the well known Dangan Ronpa! I'm gonna be Kirigiri Kyouko, the super duper high school tsundere (nope ahah). I really like her, just as the most of tsundere characters... It's in my nature, after all! (●´□`) I still don't know if I should sew the jacket with faux leather or something else... In this case too, I'll be with my bf! He'll be Togami! ...I'm definitely a fan of the Kirigiri x Togami, even if it exists only in my mind ahah

 And then I have a cosplay group. I'm sure that it will be really funny! I'm looking forward to take some funny picture with them ahah ❤ Well, it's all for now! I hope that I won't change my plans again... ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

Now I'd like to share a little tutorial, because some people find difficult to follow the blog with google friend connect xD Really guys, it's super easy! It will allow you to stay always tuned with my updates, moreover, it would make me happy (u v u) There's another way to follow me, it's bloglovin!
Well, thank you for your support, I'm really glad about it!

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