{COMMISSION} Two pair of horns

Hi everyone! Do you remember what I told you in this post? I was working on a commission, and now it's time to write a proper article about it! I had to make two pairs of horns, I was so excited ( ´ ▽ ` ) I love making accessories and things like that, so I can say that I had a lot of fun with this work ★
In this post I want to show you the making process, I haven't published the photos on my facebook page because I thought that a post here would have been more intresting and detailed (*´・v・)
 Let's start! First of all I cut the base shape for the two pairs. I focused on the main depth I wanted them to assume, so I added in the curved pair a piece of yellow cardboard, to make the skeleton tridimensional.
Then I used expanding foam to fill up all the spaces. This material shows up as a suds and it solidifies with humidity, so you can accelerate a little the process by sprinkling some water on it!
After 4/5 hours the foam should be completely dry. The next step could be the most difficult, because you have to literally sculpt your object with a cutter. I'd like to underline the importance of the 3D skeleton, because thanks to it you'll know exactly when you need to stop carving the foam.

This suds usually creates empty spaces, so you need to fill them. I covered my horns and fixed all the tiny imperfections. After that I used clay to create a smooth surface. I accelerate the drying process with a hair dryer! To have a perfect facade, I also used sandpaper to level it.
The next step is the color, as you can see I painted them blending red and yellow, to create a hue. I'm satisfied with the result (*´・v・) Last, I fixed the horns on two hairbands aaand they're ready!

What do you think? In my opinion they turn out right! ( ´ ▽ ` ) I have a lot of things to improve and to learn, but for now I'm satisfied of my work!

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