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Hi dears! Today I want to write about the last fair I joined: Fumettopoli in Milan! The title of this post is "new experience" for a specific reason... I didn't go there only as a visitor, but also as cosplay judge! It was... CRAZY? (positively! ahah) I mean, when one of the organizators asked me to join the con as a judge I was soooo surprised! I didn't expect it at all! I'm so happy that they contacted me, because Fumettopoli was my very fist convention in 2008. In a word, I'm really glad about this "comeback" and I'm glad that I was able to contribute to its "rebirth". It has been a brand new experience, I saw the cosplay competition from another perspective, it was sooo intresting! ★

 First of all, I took my train to arrive in Milan aaaand yep, it got broken, HA HA. I waited for the next one with my boyfriend in a tiny station, literally in the middle of nowhere... But in the end we arrived at the convention. Then I had to go with the other judges to discuss about the methods and the rules of the contest. Obviously I wore my C.C. empress cosplay! ( ´∀`) it's a quite uncomfortable cosplay, so I didn't walked a lot... lol

Being in the jury has been a beautiful experience, also because I shared it with amazing people! I'm really grateful for this chance, it made me think about how I live cosplay and it made me want to improve my skills! SOOOO BE PREPAREEEED ahah I'm working really hard on my Gwen's costume, I'm really looking forward to show you my progress!

Moreover my cosplay commission are open, if you need a costume or an accessory, please contact me on facebook!

Byee! (*≧▽≦)/ 

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