Lucca Comics & Games 2013 part 1

Finally I can post something! \(@v@)/ This will be my con-report, so be prepared! I will share a lot of pictures~ Sooo... We arrived at the con the 31th morning, my boyfriend and I had to catch the 6.30 train! (⊙▂⊙) But in Bologna we met our friend Francesco, and we arrived in Lucca by car. My suitcase was SUPER HEAVY to carry ahah 
Our apartment was nice but really small... Anyway, after meeting our friends we decided to visit the games area. And so I started taking picture like a little chinese girl ahah the thing I loved the most has been the PS4 stand... It was huge and beautiful! ヽ(´∇`)ノ

Everyone had the chance to try two games, killzone and Gran Turismo (if I well remember ahah)! Moreover, so many people was excited this year because Riot Games had its own stand! I'm not a fan of League of Legend, but their space was pretty amazing. They had an area dedicated to the graphic artists and another one, in which two team was playing live.

With the Lucca comics ticket you also had the code to download for free two skins (but I don't even know for which champions ahah). Obviously there were some games that you could try, like Destiny and Final Fantasy Lightning returns, but I just took photos as always ahah

And now... The thing that amazed me the most! A beautiful steampunk custom computer ❤ It was really perfect, I may be not that impatial (I'm in love with steampunk stuff since ages ahah), but I consider it a piece of art! ლ(´ v `ლ)

I spent the other days in cosplay, so I wasn't able to continue my photographic mission (?) but I had a lot of fun! In order I wore Maria, Kirigiri and Chitanda! During the third day it rained a little, and I obviously was in the middle of the downpour ahahah Luckily my Kirigiri's jacket it's made of leather... But the wig turned out a little tangled.
Anyway I want to write about my cosplay days in the second post, also because at the moment I haven't any picture! ( •̀ω•́ )σ

See you soon! 

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