Lucca Comics & Games 2013 part 2

With a little (*coff) delay, here I am with the second part of my con-report! This post is focused on the days I passed wearing my cosplay~ The first one is Maria from Arakawa under the bridge. It's the second time I wear this costume, but in Lucca I had a lovely group: my friends Linda and Francesco as Nino and Kou, and my bf as Sister. Unfortunately we took some photos in the late afternoon with my camera... So the quality isn't really good (´Д` ) The next two days I wore Kirigiri and Chitanda's cosplay! I was really looking forward to take some photos with my new works ❤ 
Saturday was a little rainy, so we runned to the villa in which we had to met Dizzy (have you red the post I wrote about him?  Check out this article!) aaaand nothing else to say! We had fun together *O* also after the shooting~
I think that now I only have to publish Dizzy's amazing photos!

And here we go with Hyouka's photos! I know that my face shape don't suits really well Chitanda, but I'm in love with her! ;O; I'm not moe as Eru, but I tried my best!

The last picture is my favourite one, it's so cute and romantic! ;O;
I hope you enjoyed the photos, thank you again Dizzy! >U< You can find them also on my facebook page, deviantart profile and tumblr!
Thanks for reding!

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