Cosplay & Nails

Hi! It's been a while since I last updated this poor site... So today I want to write a short "girly" article, about cosplay and nails! You know, I'm a sort of detail-maniac and I think that nails deserve attentions too. Some cosplay requires nail polish, for instance Vocaloid... But what can you do with all the other characters? The most obvious answer would be "I won't wear nail polish, idiot" but if you have, like me, long nails it's not really nice to see the "white part" (or maybe I'm just a maniac, I don't like to see natural long nails ahah)!

(I'm not spamming Monogatari lol)
So I thought about some sort of solution, and it's not really the invention of the year... I mean, naked nail polish it's perfect if you want an uniform tone for your nails! And I also think that it can recreate quite well the "anime effect" because usually nails aren't drawn in detail, but sketched instead! Or at least they have the same color of the character's skintone. So... That's all! I just wanted to write this random article, and I hope that it may be useful for some of you! (◎ะด◎;)
That's the result! I like it 1000 times more than a natural nail!  (;*△*;)

Bye bye minna-san!

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