Festival del Fumetto @ Novegro

Here I am with the con-report of the "Festival del Fumetto"! This is one of my favourite conventions in north Italy! (´;Д;`) My little brother joined the fair with me and my friends, I was really happy! (。´∀`)ノ I met so many people! In particular I was looking forward to see my dear friend Monica as Yuna... She's one of her favourite characters and I was so happy to see how beautiful she was! (≧∇≦) One of my dreams is to cosplay Rikku, but I think that it's just an utopia ahah
Anyway I wore my Kirigiri's cosplay with my boyfriend as Togami... I'm so proud of our costumes, I think that we fit pretty well the characters! (~˘▾˘)~ I also met new people, and everyone was just lovely! (⊙ヮ⊙) Look at this cute Ryouko!

After wandering around the stands, we took some photos with Fabio Volonterio, a friend of mine! I always have fun with him, he's one of the first photographers who teached me how to pose and how to have confidence in front of the camera ★ These are my favourite photos from our shooting! We look so serious... xD It's quite hard to pose as Kirigiri, she's not really expressive, and she's always done up... I hope that these photos aren't boring!

Next time I'll talk about my future projects! For any update, follow my facebook page! Byee!

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