MCM Expo London Comic Con May 2014

As promised here I am with the post about my first international convention: the MCM Expo London Comic Con! To read about my London adventures, please click here ❤ 

Saturday has been the most crowded day! Basically, my boyfriend and me walked around and took some photos, there were so many cosplayers! ( ★ω★) I enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere out there... It was really nice! We didn't enter to visit the stands, because the queue was... Infinite! More than 3/4 hours, and I'm super seriuos (ノ・ェ・)ノ I didn't expect something similar ahah We also met an italian cosplayer, so we chatted a little ✧ 
The weather was sunny and suddenly... It hailed! All in less then one minute, I swear! Luckily we had our umbrellas, but we got wet in any case because of the wind... щ(ಠ_ಠщ) So we decide to leave and go to visit a warm place ahah

Sunday was the day in which we visited the stands. We were quite impressed about the dimension of the con and the amount of the stands! There were so many different areas... The first difference that I noticed between the MCM and the most important italian conventions, has been the number of gaming stands, in which you could try a large number of titles!
 ...Bumblebee too was there *O* ahah it was a nice surprise! And of course, there were some huge spaces dedicated to Leaguer of Legends. We stayed there a little, then we proceeded with our tour. I had a super nice surprise! I met Daisy, a super cute italian cosplayer, which was with some friends We know each other, but we never met befor the comic con. She was wearing Hanji Zoe's cosplay, and she was soooo beautiful! (*~▽~) We've been really lucky to meet up between all those people! After our little italian meeting, we visited another area... There were so many stands dedicated to the japanese traditional food! ヽ(´□`。)ノ It was... Like paradise ahah 
...Then we spent our time walking around and taking photos! At the end we were almost dead ahah
Anyway I really loved this experience, I hope I'll be able to visit as many international convention as I can, it wass too funny! о(>▽<)o ☆

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