Rikku festivalist

Hi everyone! This post is a summary of my work for Rikku's cosplay ❤ I'll wear it at Rimini Comics, and I'm super impatient! Rikku is one of my cosplay dreams, and finally I started to realize it! I'm planning so many different versions... But let's start with something easy first~
That was my very first pair of short pants! It's almost incredible, after something less than 7 years of cosplay! But there's always a first time, and I'm happy with the result. They fit me perfectly~ Then we got the blouse, which can't be closed on my super busty mannqeuin ahah but I swear, my belly isn't shown, I can totally close it! 

After the ribbon, I started with all the decorations, they took me so much time! I wanted the colors to be bright and vivid, so I had to give 2/3 hands of colour... And of course I had to be carefull! I was always afraid to stain the fabric with my distraction ahah but everything went fine in the end, and this is the result.

Talking about the accessories, I have to thank Lilith, a super cute cosplayer who gave me an advice! She helped me with the problem of the red fishes which... Were floating? (they weren't looking pretty much alive). But now it's all done! I'm also planning to bring some other accessories, like a fan and an oil paper umbrella... To make different photos!
The last thing is the wig. I ordered it a while ago, I hope that it will arrive in time..
Now I have to finish my Togame cosplay. I also started a new project *O* I can only say that it's really hard, because it's an armor! (≧▽≦) I was really searching for something challenging and different so... Stay tuned! And thanks for reading

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