Zelcher - Fire Emblem WIP {Bracelets and Collar}

As I announced a while ago, I'm working on a new cosplay: Zelcher from Fire Emblem! O(≧∇≦)O It's my second favourite character after Tharja, and her cosplay is quite challenging! That's why I like it after all... I never made a full armor cosplay, so I'm very excited about this new costume. I decided to make the bracelets and the collar with craft foam, basically because I had some unusued sheets and I wanted to try it.
This is the bracelet before the application of the vinilic glue. As you can see it was still quite porous, but with the glue it became smooooth and cute ♪ (...cute..?) I didn't add the straps because I think it's better to colour them before that. Anyway I'm happy with their shape, it looks at least acceptable and accutare compared to the reference image! The details weren't clear, not even from the artbook pages... So I had to arrange something that looked coherent. However, I added something very simple.

This was the most difficult part, I had torubles making the pattern! In this case too, the reference scans weren't that clear... Or better, what I saw was actually a drawing without a precise 3d shape. In this case too I made my best to recreate this piece as accurate as possible, but some alterations were required (`^´)ノ I used the iron wire to fix some parts, for instance to keep the "wings" firm. This will be a looong work, though... I made the pattern for the breast piece, but I'll show the photos in the next post! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶
Bye bye!

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    1. Thank you sweetie! *O* This is only the beginning, Zelcher's armor is sooo long to make!
      I hope that the final result will be satisfying ^^
      And thanks again for your nice comment!

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