Lucca Comics and Games 2014

Hi everyone! I can finally write something about this edition of Lucca Comics and Games... Well, It has been "different" and to be honest I didn't enjoyed it completely xD I know, this isn't the best way to start a blog entry! (/•ิ _•ิ)/
On thursday I had some problems with the house and all my luggages... Then, the first things that I noticed was the crowd. It was really crazy, a super large number of people came to visit the convention! I'm happy to know that one of my favourite con became this popular, but on the other side this gave me too many problems... (๑¯д¯๑) Visiting with calm the stands on Saturday was like an utopia, all those people didn't go along with my low pressure problem xD
Luckily I've been able to met some friends and have a great time with them ✧
Then let's talk about sunday. I wore my armor just ten minutes before the competition and that was enough to make me feel sick (´;Д;`) I'm so sorry... For my group in particular! I was really looking forward to wear my cosplay, and in the end I was able to wear Zelcher's armor only for a short time...
But thanks to flashgordon I have at least a photo with them! ( ´∀`) (we were divided in two groups because of the lack of space, that's why some character are missing). I edited a the lights because the original photo was really too yellow >__<
I have nothing else to say! To me, this edition passed extremely fast... I'm a little sad (T⌓T)
Now it's time to work on Shichika's costume! FIGHT-OOOO (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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