Hi everyone! (。´∀`)ノ Lately I can't dedicate time to the blog, I'm so sad! But I really wanted to write something, so here's a very basic tutorial which I found it in my drafts some days ago... I totally forgot about it (;-_-)/

TO DO: Brush your wig with a wide tooth comb, even better if it's in metal! This will help because after all, wigs are made of plastic fibers.
AVOID: Paddle hair brushes or radial/round hair brushes should be avoided; they only break the fibers and pull out the hairs.
TO DO: It's better to wash your wig when it arrives, and also after 5/7 times you wore it.
AVOID: Don't leave your wig in a sack for months, take care of it and wash it before you wear it again ❤ You can check my tutorial here!

TO DO: Start brushing your wig from the bottom to get out any tangles. Do it carefully, because I'm sure you don't want to pull out the fibers!
AVOID: Don't brush your wig while wet. This will only ruin it!

TO DO: If you brush a curly wig, try to do it with a veeery wide tooth comb, then reform the curls with your fingers. I never had problems with kanekalon wigs, but if your curls are still undefined, the only solution is to reform them with hot water.
AVOID: If you don't need a voluminous wig, spend some time to recreate the curls of your wig. If you just brush it you'll only make more volume between the fibers.

TO DO: Cut a wig with proper scissors and don't be hurried. You'll need a fake head to cut the major part of the hair and then you'll be able to ajust the style wearing the wig (for instance the lenght of a bangs!)
AVOID: Don't use only "normal" scissors if you can. If you thin out a little the bangs it will surely look more natural. That's because wig's fiber are usually thicker than normal hair... It may depends on personal tastes, but I don't like when the edges are full of hair!
..That's all! Please keep in mind that this tutorial is based on my personal experience, so these aren't rules, and my methods may be different from yours. I'll be surely glad to read your comments if you have something to add!

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  1. Thank you! I didn't know it :3


  2. ah thanks for the helpful tips! I don't own a wig but i'd really like to have one! ^^ so i'm kinda ''mentally preparing'' for my first wig lol





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