Zelcher - Fire Emblem WIP IV {the armor}

(PART ONE;             PART TWO;          PART THREE)

Hi everyone! As you may have previously red, I wore Zelcher's cosplay in Lucca, but I didn't have the chance to make a proper shooting! So this post isn't a real "wip" entry (as I already finished the cosplay), but who cares? Ahah I just want to share with you the result of my work! ❤ This time I'll show you the finished armor. First of all, I know that the shades aren't the best you've ever seen, but I've never had the chance to make a similar work before this cosplay (≧σ≦)

I also discovered all the negative aspects of working woth foam. For instance, the fact that my evil cat can decide to sleep on my cosplay, deforming some parts t__t
I'm really sad and angry, but the only thing I can do is try to fix the damaged pices... If the work will be particularly succesful, I'll dedicate a post to the various steps...

Here we go with the photos! As you can notice, some folds are quite evident... Waaaah °(πーπ)°
I want to solve this problem before the shooting! I'm looking forward to take some photos with one of my favourite photographer ever, but I won't reveal anythyng more eheh *O*

See you soon! ( ˘ ³˘)

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