Togame WIP II

Second post dedicated to my Togame cosplay! This time I want to show you the progress of the bust and the kimono ♥ I also finished the gloves~
I had some troubles making the leather "shirt", because the first try had some flaws on the back... And I wanted to be suuuper precise with this one (I didn't want to waste more fabrics! è_é). Actually the fault is all mine, I chose a rigid faux leather, and it complicates everything. Nevermind, my lovely Ginger ( one of my cute friends u v u ) came here to help me ahah she's so patient with me...

For the kimono I used three different fabrics, it was quite hard to find an harmonious combination of colors...  I also had to line it, because the sleeve was really heavy and without it the result would have been unbalanced! (*`へ´*)

The waist decoration has been a funny piece to realize... Theorically I can actually float with it, since I made it covering a life buoy ahah

And now... Let's share some picsss ♥

I hope to wear this cosplay in february, with my dear Shichika, of course! See you soon guys (●`・ω・)ゞ ♥

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