LeBlanc WIP {fabrics, skirt, bracelets}

Here's the first post dedicated to my new project: Ravenborn LeBlanc from League of Legends! I'm super excited for this costume! It will surely take a lot of time, but I'm sure I'll be happy in the end
I'm currently working on various parts, so I'm not properly able to write an organic post... Sorry ahah (*❛‿❛)7 As you can see I bought some fabrics, for the bust and the cape. I still have to find the right shade of purple for the skirt, it will take me forever... (;¬_¬) I'm pretty sure about that.
Since I had a leftover from my super old C.C. cosplay, I've been able to sew the black underskirt (sorry, I could have ironed it bekore taking a photo ahah)

Then I worked on the feather... Or it's better to say "feathers", since I had to glue together 7 pieces ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
My plan was to stick one blue feather between two purple ones, but when I recived them I figured out that they were too short... щ(ಥДಥщ) Nevermind, I'm happy! Because you can't really notice the extension feather!

Last but not least... The bracelets! I used worbla for the first time~ I had some trouble at first, but the result looks acceptable to me. I wanted to cover the bracelets with gesso, but since I have to stretch them a little I noticed that it wasn't a great idea... The thin gesso surface cracked (≧o≦) I think I'll cover only the "static" parts of this costume, like the head piece!
Thanks for reading! I also hope you like the little update I've done to the website. It's still pretty far from what I want, but it's surely better than the previous version in my opinion (♡´艸`)

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