Gwendolyn WIP I {Headpiece}

Finally I can work on this amazing cosplay! I love Gwendolyn sooo much... So I want to dedicate all the time required to make a great work (or at least I'll try to!). In this post I'll show you how I made the headpiece.
I used 3 materials: foam for the crown, polyurethane and feathers for the decorations. Since the base is made of polyurethane, I had to apply the vinilic glue and the black acrilic color. Then I patiently selected the feathers that suit better the shape I wanted to reach. It was like a puzzle game ahah
After deciding those details I started to glue the feathers to the base, as you can see in the second photo!
The third one is showing the back of my semisphere. I decided to add some dark feathers to enlarge the volume, trying to give a natural effect (I didn't want to make two perfectly defined semispheres!).

The crown is simply made of foam, it was the easiest part! I painted it gold and glued it on the headband. You can see the final result in the last pic, with waifus Lulu and Lightning staring from the background ahah
That's all! I'm sorry if I'm making different wip posts, the idea was to follow one costume per period but... I ended messing up everything like I always do ahah
Next post will probably be about LeBlanc! (^● ω ●^) ❤
See you soon!

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