Leblanc WIP II

Hi everyone! Here I am with another post dedicated to my bae LeBlanc ❤ There's still nothing 100% finished, but that's because I have to buy some colors and other things... I'm sorry~ I feel like these post are somehow incomplete xD
{   WIP PART 1   }
Last week I worked again on the bracelets! I used some vinilic glue as a primer, since the gesso isn't elastic! As you can see the difference is pretty evident... It took me 7 hands of glue to reach the result below ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ I painted them black again, but I forgot to take a picture ahah
I also added a hook and eye tape to close them firmly (the photo was taken before using the vinilic glue), so basically only highlights are missing!
Next, I worked with worbla again to make some decorations! The gems are missing since I don't have the materials yet. I'll make the positive with some clay, just to have a little preview and a base for the mold!
Here you can see the same process used for the bracelets: worbla + vinilic glue + black paint. I'll apply the gesso next week, because I'd like to obtain a super smooth surface.
The last thing I've done is still something for the bracelets ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ At first I was thinking about making a long sleeve, with that piece at the end... But then I thought that it would have been better to just stick it to the bracelet. Since it looks like a small pad, I realized it with foam covered in fabric, the same one I'll use for the corset.
Since the shape was quite different between the 3d model and the artwork, I just picked the one I liked the most ahah (the round shape of the 3d model won!)
Thanks for visiting the blog! ❤ 
I don't know the topic of the next post, since I'm working like crazy on Gwendolyn, LeBlanc and Celty ☆ ...I acted lazy for months and now I just started to be extra productive... Weird things happen!
See you soon! ❤ 

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