Leblanc WIP III

New blog entry for my bae LeBlanc! It's completely dedicated to the elizabethan wired ruff, since it was a long work. As always you can click the links below to read my previous entries, or check my Facebook wip album
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First, I made the structure with polystyrene, but since this material is quite fragile I reinforced it with worbla. After covering the base I created the three tiny decoration you can see in the second picture.
Then I used the wire to make a temporary bone structure. Basically I made it to adjust the proportions, since that kind of wire was easy to use and to curve (hello Gwendolyn's headpiece!).
The base structure is now done! This kind of wire was a real pain, but I'm satisfied since it's really resistent and it can sustain the fabric without any problem. The white spots you see below are just some gesso layers, since wood glue wasn't enough.
I painted the structure black and then I start working on the paper pattern. It took me forever to be done, since the edges had to be precise!
Now... The fabrics! I used blue stiffened cotton for the inner part and purple faux leather for the external one. 
Even if in the splash art it's barely visible, in the 3d models the upper edges of both sides have a black graduated shading so... Here it is! I still have to decide if I want to change it a little, but nevermind...

Lastly, I applied the black feathers I felt like an happy child when I saw the result ahah I really love it! It's not 100% done since I want to enrich the front, but I have to use another kind of feather. Smaller and fluffier!
Thanks for reading and for all you nice comments on Facebook! You really motivate me guys ; 3 ;
See you soon!

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